Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Guide Responsibility in
Following Standards of Practice

Being a Grotto Guide means taking a higher level of Responsibility for your students and divers than is required at most dive sites. This Responsibility extends to air and gas fills.

28 What two responsibilities do Grotto Guides have in regard to their students’ and divers’ use of the fill station?
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It is the Guide’s Responsibility to ensure that:

  • Group members’ cylinders comply with the three requirements listed earlier.
  • Individual group members possess the necessary training and/or certification to use the gas being provided.

Before you ask, yes, as a back up, we check cylinder markings as well; however, we expect you to check them first. If we find a cylinder that doesn’t comply with these requirements, we are going to ask you about it, not your students or divers.

On the other hand, we don’t check divers’ certification cards prior to filling their tanks. That’s your Responsibility. You are, after all, the one taking them diving ,… and the one who will be responsible for everything that happens in the water.

So be ready to step up and take full Responsibility for the people you bring.

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