Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Avoiding “Boom!”

Nobody wants to go “Boom!” “Boom!” is a bad thing. Going “Boom,” however, can generally be avoided.

27 What is the most important requirement that oxygen cylinders and those used in partial-pressure blending must meet?
O2 Clean?

Oxygen cylinders and those being filled by means of partial-pressure blending must be O2 clean. If you’ve taken even the most basic of Nitrox Diver courses, you are supposed to know this — right?

Divers can get amazingly slack in this regard. When they first get their Nitrox Diver card, they can be very conscientious about getting their O2-clean cylinders filled only with oxygen-compatible air. As time passes, however…

Just let your divers know that we will hold them personally responsible for any fire or explosion that results from cylinders that were supposed to be O2 clean — but weren’t.

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