Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Speeding Check-In

After driving several hours to get to a dive site, the last thing you want to do is waste several minutes while your group members fill out waivers and take care of other paperwork. So why waste time doing so? There are two steps you can take to greatly simplify the check-in process.

17 What are two things you can do to speed in the check-in process?

To help speed the check-in process, you can:

  • Download and have divers complete waivers prior to arriving. You will find these on our website. You can print these out and give them to students, or simply e-mail one to each student and let them handle the printing. Just make certain the waivers are completed and ready to turn in when you arrive.
  • E-mail or bring us a roster listing your divers. This is especially valuable when you have groups of more than just a couple of divers, or when divers will be here for more than one day and will be arriving and leaving on different dates.

You can download roster forms from the website in either PDF or Excel format. The former is better if you intend to fill out a roster by hand; the latter is best if you would like to e-mail it to us ahead of time (recommended).

Alternatively, you can use a roster generated by your store’ point-of-sale system, database or any other program that can generate a list of names.

Rosters help speed the check-in process by giving us a checklist we can use to make sure we have current waivers on everyone. It is also nice, when divers arrive ahead of you, to know who they are. This way, we can say, “We know who you are and we’ve been expecting you.”

When you arrive with a stack of completed waivers and a roster, you will be in the water in record time.

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