Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Getting to the Grotto

While the Grotto is not difficult to get to, it is not something your students will readily see just by cruising up and down I-75. Even were you to have a rough idea of where the Grotto is, you could drive around for hours trying to find the precise turn off. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

16 What is the best way to provide your students and divers with directions to the Grotto?
Road Map

To help your group members find the Grotto and surrounding motels and restaurants, download the road map from the website. The map shows the right Interstate 75 exit, how far west to go on County Road 326 and where to turn.

Of course, a number of folks these days have become accustomed to just punching the address they are looking for into Google Maps, MapQuest or their GPS. Alert divers that, if they do, they may not get the correct location for 9487 NW 115 Avenue. (It is better to just rely on the map.)

Also, a number of people have told us they had difficulty seeing the street sign for NW 115 Avenue. Therefore, it helps to tell your people:

  • If coming from I-75, the street sign will be on the left side of the road (they will be turning right).
  • It is the first right turn after you cross the flashing yellow light at CR-225 (and about one mile further on).
  • There is a yellow crossroads warning sign just before the intersection.

Of course, the best landmark is the reflective dive flag sign right on the corner.

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