Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Minimizing Risks

The key to minimizing risks is not only to be aware of them, but to take steps to actively avoid them as well.

13 What are some of the ways divers can help minimize the risks associated with diving the Grotto?.

Ways divers can help minimize the risks associated with diving the Grotto include:

  • Maintaining a visual reference in the form of a wall, a descent line, the bottom or one of the many man-made objects that line the bottom. Doing so will not only help divers navigate, it alerts divers instantly to changes in depth.
Overhead Obstructions
  • Looking out for overhead obstructions during ascent. Again, this is important on every dive — but especially so at the Grotto.
  • Practicing buoyancy control “like your life depends on it.” (It does.) One thing that can help divers test their buoyancy-control skills before venturing out over deeper water is the neutral-buoyancy course attached to the side of the 6 m/20 ft and 9 m/30 ft platforms.
  • Allow time for offgassing before attempting to climb stairs with heavy equipment. Emerging from the water after a deep dive and dashing up the stairs with doubles and deco bottles is…well, fortunately, the closest chamber is less than an hour a way (assuming the one at Shands is up and running that particular day).

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