Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Qualifying as a Grotto Guide

Not everyone can be a Grotto Guide, nor is it a recognition level we give away to any dive leader who wants it. You have to meet certain prerequisites and you have to do what it takes to earn the rating.

1 What three requirements must you meet in order to become a 40 Fathom Grotto Guide?

To qualify for 40 Fathom Grotto Guide status, you must: .

Instructor Card
  • Hold a leadership-level certification from a major dive training organization and be in Active (Teaching) status: This means a rating such as Divemaster, DiveCon, Assistant Instructor, Instructor or any level of Instructor Trainer or Course Director. You also have to be in Active (Teaching) status with at least one major training organization.
  • Hold current professional liability insurance: This is your teaching insurance — the policy you get through one of your training agencies. It is not your recompression insurance, such as you get through organizations like DAN (although you would be nuts not have have this coverage as well).
  • Complete the Grotto Guide Orientation process: By completing this self-study course, you are taking the first step. You will also need to attend an on-site, above-water orientation session and, unless we can get a current Guide to testify as to your familiarity and recent dive experience at the Grotto, you will need to make an orientation dive with one of our staff members as well.

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