Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

The Rules

When you teach or guide divers at the Grotto, there are a number of rules you need to follow — most of them imposed by your agency’s training standards and insurance warranties. The Grotto itself only has four, common sense rules you need to abide by (but they are nevertheless important ones).

19 What four rules apply to all dive made in the Grotto?

The four primary rules that apply to diving the Grotto are:

Four Rules
  • Every diver must be under the direct supervision of a qualified Grotto Guide. In other words, you can’t “supervise” from the parking lot, or have one of your Divemasters do it for you (unless they are also qualified Grotto Guides).
  • No solo diving. Yes, that rule applies to Grotto Guides as well.
  • No cave diving. This includes cave diving by certified cave divers and instructors. Our caves are just to low, tight, silty, deep and downright nasty. With so many other great caves to dive in this area, why would any cave diver want to dive the ones here?
  • No souvenir collecting or defacing anything. You would think this would go without saying. Unfortunately, some people have to be told.

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