Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Dealing With Duck Weed

As important as duck weed is in preventing algae bloom, few divers want to go swimming in it. Nor do they have to. The Grotto has a unique way of keeping the duck weed out of the way when divers are in the water.

10 How does the Grotto prevent divers from being overwhelmed by the presence of duck weed on the surface?.

So that divers do not have to emerge from the water covered with duck weed, the Grotto employs an air-fed bubbler system. The heart of the this system is an old Worthington compressor which has had the third and fourth stages removed. As a result, it puts out considerable volume, but not a lot of pressure. Air from the compressor is then directed to a series of bubbler vents under water.

Before divers enter the water, we turn the bubbler system on, controlling where and how much air escapes through a series of controls. The result is a huge “slick” at the surface of the water, through which divers can enter and exit, while remaining duck-weed free.

Bubbler Slick

If you have dived in duck-weed-infested water before, you are familiar with how your exhaust bubbles clear duck weed from the surface. This follows the same principle — just on a much larger scale.

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