Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Thermal Protection
for Grotto Dives

Few experiences under water are more miserable than being cold. Being cold not only affects enjoyment, but the ability to focus on safety and resist decompression sickness. That’s why it’s important to use the right type of thermal protection when diving the Grotto.

8 What is the minimum divers need for exposure protection when diving the Grotto?

For maximum comfort and safety, divers should wear a minimum of a full-length 7/5 mm wet suit when exploring the Grotto.

Thermal Protection
  • Most divers will find a bibbed hood or hooded vest equally essential.
  • An extra layer of insulation in the torso is also helpful.
  • Many divers find the Grotto just cold enough to require the use of lightweight wetsuit gloves.
  • For all but momentary exposures at depths below 30 m/100 ft, a dry suit is mandatory.

Among the very first things new divers learn is that water conducts heat away from the body as much as 25 times faster than air does. Nevertheless, divers routinely attempt diving places like the Grotto in what can only be described as woefully inadequate exposure protection.

Trying to dive the Grotto in a 3 mm jumpsuit or 2 mm shorty is like going out in near-freezing temperatures wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts.

Think about your divers’ safety and enjoyment. Insist they wear adequate exposure protection.

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