Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

Grotto Guide Benefits

Considering the time, money and effort required to achieve Grotto Guide status, it is reasonable to expect something in return. This is why we make sure that being a Guide has its rewards.

3 What are some benefits associated with being a 40 Fathom Grotto Guide?

Grotto Guide benefits include:

Deep Descent
  • The ability to use the Grotto for training or guided dives, so long as those dives fall within the scope of your teaching or supervisory status, and insurance warranties. Ironically, the Grotto only has four rules you need to follow (and which you will read about shortly). For the most part, it is your training agency standards and insurance policy warranties that dictate what you do here. (Violating those rules is never a good idea, whether here at the Grotto or elsewhere.)
  • Free admission when teaching or guiding at least two paying divers (does not, however, apply to assisting with instruction). This is among the most liberal policies of any site in the area (but dictated by the fact tech diver courses. in particular, tend to be far smaller than the typical Open Water Diver class). If you do have more than six students, we will let a Guide-qualified Divemaster or Assistant Instructor in for free as well.

It is worth noting that the Grotto is far more than just a training site. You may discover that you have a surprising number of customers willing to pay you to take them on guided tours of the Grotto. This is one reason Grotto Guide status is not just limited to Instructors; Divemaster, DiveCons and AIs are welcome to become guides as well.


It is also worth pointing out that, despite its popularity among tech diving instructors, the Grotto is well suited for recreational-level Advanced and Specialty dives and tours. Many instructors find the Grotto the ideal spot for teaching deep, navigation, buoyancy control and other skills.

Best of all, when you bring students to the Grotto, you don’t have to worry about violating your agency’s training standards by teaching unqualified divers in an overhead environment.

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