Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

How to Cheat…Yourself

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, if you wanted to cheat, and get through this program in the shortest time possible, you could. We’ll even tell you how:

  • Rather than actually read each information page, just skim it until you find the words that fill in each blank on the homework assignment. (Heck, we’ve even made doing so easy.)
  • Don’t trouble yourself with the “Test Your Understanding” quizzes between each page. Just use the numbered page links in the right-hand column to skip to the next information page.

Do this and you will get through the entire program in record time — possibly as little as 15 minutes. And what will you have accomplished?

Question Mark
  • Will you have completed the homework assignment correctly? Yes.
  • Will you have understood it? Not very well.
  • Will you remember much of what you have read? Unlikely.
  • Will you have a thorough understanding of information that can make your visits to the Grotto easier and more enjoyable for yourself and your students and divers? Absolutely not.

So, as you can see, the only people you are really cheating are yourself — and your students and customers. And what does that say about you?

Who, Me?

“Sorry for the misunderstanding, folks. I would have known about that had I actually read my Grotto Guide orientation materials. But don’t worry: Just because I cut corners on my Guide orientation doesn’t mean I’d ever dream of cutting corners with your enjoyment and safety.”

If your students and customers actually believe a load of manure like that, please let us know. We have some swamp land we’d like to sell them.

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