Grotto Guide Orientaton Course

How This Program Works

When taking (or teaching) any instructional program, it is important to understand how that program is designed to work. This course is no exception. On this page, we will explain this system’s components and how they are designed to work together to ensure learning takes place.

Knowledge Assessment Homework

The most essential component in this program is not something you will see on your computer screen, but rather something you will download, print and fill out as you go through the course. It’s a four-page Adobe Acrobat PDF document entitled 40 Fathom Grotto Guide Knowledge Assessment (although, for convenience, we’ll usually just refer to it as “the homework.”).

“The homework” is a 30-question, fill-in-the-blank knowledge review that you will need to complete and bring with you to your on-site Guide Orientation. It covers the essential, “need to know” information that every 40 Fathom Grotto Guide must have.

Before going any further, use the link appearing at the right to download and print out a copy of the Knowledge Assessment (the link opens in a separate window). Take a moment to look it over, then return to this page. (We’ll wait.)

(Imagine several minutes of background music playing here while you download, print and look over the homework assignment.)

Are you done? Great! As you’ve no doubt seen, the Knowledge Assessment is divided into six sections that correspond to the tabs appearing at the top of this page. To complete the homework, all you need to do is go through this program and find the missing words that go in each blank. (And don’t worry; we’ve made doing so fairly idiot-proof — although they keep coming up with better idiots.)

Complete the homework, making sure each lank is filled in, and you will be ready to attend your on-site Grotto Orientation session. (Just remember to bring the completed homework with you.)

Numbered Information Pages

As you go through this program, you will discover it contains 30 numbered information pages, each one corresponding to a numbered question on the homework. On each page, you will find three things:

Study Questions: Learning is about finding the answers to questions. Finding those answers is a whole lot easier if you know what the questions are. That’s why each information page has a prominently displayed study question near the top. They look like this:

1 What three requirements must you meet in order to become a 40 Fathom Grotto Guide?

The study questions alert you to the specific information you need to look for as you read each page. If you can correctly answer each study question, you have mastered the corresponding learning objective.

Primary Information: This is the information that relates most closely to the study questions and homework assignment. It is here that you will find the missing words that correctly fill in the blanks on the Knowledge Assessment.

Secondary Information: This is information that, while not quite as important as the primary information, is nevertheless valuable. It can not only help you be a better Grotto Guide, it will ensure the students and divers you bring to the Grotto have a safer, more enjoyable time.

“Test Your Understanding” Quizzes

Quiz Page

Between each information page, you will find from one to three “Test Your Understanding” quiz pages. These multiple-choice quizzes help confirm that you have committed key information to memory, and that your understanding of the subject matter goes beyond just that required to “fill in the blanks.”

  • If you select the correct response, you will advance to the next question or information page.
  • If you miss a question, you will get to see what the correct answer is, and and explanation of why it is correct. (You will not, however, have to go back and repeat the question.)

By the way, these quizzes exist solely for your benefit. There is no secret programming that runs in the background and records how well you did.

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